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Wanda Petz

Wanda Petz

Doctor Wanda Petz graduated at the University of Milano in 1999.
Her first surgical experience took place in France, where she started to approach minimally-invasive surgery while working at the Insitut Mutualiste Monsouris and at Hospital La Croix Saint Simon, in Paris. From 2006 to 2009 she was Chef de Clinique-Assistante at the University Hospital of Bicetre, Paris, where she focused on colorectal, endocrine and emergency surgery.
From 2010 she is Assistant Surgeon in the Division of General Surgery at the European Institute of Oncology, Milano, where her main activity is minimally-invasive colorectal surgery, laparoscopic and robotic.
She has also a specific interest in the minimally-invasive treatment of focal hepatic lesions, cooperating with interventional radiologists for laparoscopic radiofrequency ablation of liver tumours.
Doctor Petz is tutor of residents at the postgraduate school of general surgery at the University of Milano.


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