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Alberto Patriti

Alberto Patriti

Attending surgeon, Division of General Vascular Minimally Invasive and Robotic Surgery at the Hospital San Matteo degli Infermi, Spoleto (Italy), Dr Patriti received his Medical Doctor degree from University of Perugia, Italy. In the same University he completed the Residency Program in General Surgery and received the doctorate degree in Experimental Gastrointestinal Surgery for his studies on incretins and type 2 diabetes. He was visiting surgeon in important cancer centers across Europe and USA, developing an interest for liver surgery and oncologic patient care. Since 2007 he is assistant of Dr Casciola, taking part to one of the larger robotic surgery program in Europe. In Spoleto he had the opportunity to join his interest for liver diseases and the latest knowledge in minimally invasive surgery. He is author of 31 articles in peer-reviewed journals, of more than 100 communications and abstracts in national and international congresses and coauthor of three textbooks of surgery and internal medicine.


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