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Laurent Bresler

Laurent Bresler

Professor and chief, division of gastro-intestinal, hepatobiliary end endocrine surgery, University of Nancy, France He graduated Nancy University school of medicine in 1983 and hold a Master of Science in Biochemistry. He completed his residency in general surgery in 1983 in the same city. He specialized In gastro-intestinal , hepato-biliary and endocrine surgery . He is the chief of the division since 2008. He started robotic surgery in 2001 and he is the leader of robotic surgery in France in the endocrine and gastro-intestinal field. He published the biggest series of robotic adrenalectomies compared to conventional laparoscopic approach. He is involved in teaching miniinvasive surgery to students in an experimental lab including laparoscopic and robotic simulators . (MIMIC) Languages spoken: French, English, Italian


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